Dynamics NAV ‘Corfu’ Update – Microsoft Convergence 2015


Microsoft Convergence 2015, one of the most important events last month in 2015, where Microsoft Dynamics representatives pushed across the envelope with some of the upcoming features for the next Dynamics NAV release, code named ‘Corfu’, by this autumn. He proudly announced the increasing popularity saying “Year 2007 saw NAV’s install base of approx. 60,000, which has gone up to 110,000 and Microsoft’s push to a ‘mobile-first, cloud-first’ world is likely to increase the appeal of Dynamics NAV.

Dynamics NAV Corfu Update

Marko Perisic, Director of Program Management for Dynamics NAV, this NAV ‘Corfu’ release is likely to be cost effective and easy to upgrade if compared to previous NAV upgrades.

He also added that they look at these upgrades like an oil change in your vehicle – while previous 2009 NAV updates were like overhaul, and it was expensive as well. Is the scenario going to remain the same and the answer from him was a very big NO. It’ll be significantly cheaper – he said.

Two of the CORFU enhancements to get the front seat in Perisic’s presentation were enhanced workflow functionality and increased capability to handle paper records via optical character recognition (OCR) and document scans and images.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Roadmap

Enhanced Workflow Functionality

He said they gradually understand the power of data, and have increased their investments in it, which is already there in their existing systems. Workflow is the initial stage in that investment. The advanced workflow understands the data and can proactively provide suggestions; that decrease your workload.

Increased Capability to “handle paper records via Optical Character Recognition (OCR)” and document scans and images

The world is becoming paperless, however; we cannot run away from the fact that there is lot of paper all around. Especially when you are doing business, there’s got to be a lot of paper around. Our efforts are to bring this utility that empowers you to manage that paper – conveniently scan that paper and bring it within the workflow of your ERP solution – added Perisic.

Source Chirag Shivalker  http://www.hitechito.com/blog/dynamics-nav-corfu-update-microsoft-convergence-2015/