Free Online Scrum Master Training and Scrum Master Manifesto

Free Online Scrum Master Training and Scrum Master Manifesto

Free Online Scrum Master Training: The fun way to learn about Agile/Scrum, prepare for Scrum Master certification / Agile certification (CSM, CSPO, PSM, or PMI-ACP), and debunk popular misconceptions.

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Introduction to Scrum

Backlog Refinement Meeting

Sprint Planning Meeting

Daily Scrum Meeting

Sprint Review Meeting

Sprint Retrospective Meeting


Scrum Master Manifesto

“We believe the ScrumMaster is a full-time position for one person on one Scrum team”

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12 ScrumMaster Pocket Principles…

1.    Dedicated Delivery Improver

2.    Foster Continuous Improvement

3.    Help Continuous Improvement

4.    Empower Coach Deliver

5.    Nurtures The Team

6.    Transparent Team Helper

7.    Commitment To Excellence

8.    Empathetic Evangelistic Guide

9.    Resistant Persistent Dedicated

10.  Help The Team

11.  Awareness Then Improvement

12.  Agile Driving Force

Top 10 things a ScrumMaster usually forgets to focus on (but is not SOLELY responsible for) …

1.    Redefining career paths and goals to be more scrum focussed

2.    Missing Product Backlog items

3.    Team issues aren’t being discussed because they are too uncomfortable

4.    Appropriate balance between end-to-end system test and unit tests

5.    Playing back the team’s progress against the proposed release plan

6.    All tests roll up into the continuous integration results

7.    Team members realise the benefits of refactoring

8.    Code is regularly peer reviewed

9.    Pair programming is being utilised

10.  Definition of done is being expanded

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