Dynamics NAV 2016 Beta Agreement and Rules

Dynamics NAV 2016 Beta Agreement and Rules  (Limited Beta available for partners)


NAV 2016 Beta request link:  https://connect.microsoft.com/site687/Downloads


Some people have asked me what the rules \ limitations of using the limited beta; Below some info about Public Limited License rules.

Agreement & Rules for “Pre-Release Programs” (Microsoft Connect)

Microsoft Public Limited License
“Sample code” without contract license (only Beta Agreemnen), Software is “AS IS” for Testing.

“Best Practices\Rules” for Confidential Usage (DOGMA)
– NO False Identity
– NO Sharing info & files with others
– NO Photos, Posts & Comments (good & evil)
– NO Documents Sharing
– NO Copyright & Law violation

Conditions and Terms

Community “Conduct” Rules

Enjoy your Beta !

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