First 10.000 Visits on my new blog. Thanks !

First 10.000 Visits on my new blog. Thanks !
Thanks TO ALL VISITORS! … a lot of visitors during DIRECTIONS EMEA, @NAV 2016 launching days.
below some stats about new blog  (4 months of livetime only… a lot of Countries & people)
 work map 2
About my old NAV Blog (NAV 3.60 to NAV 2013)    … that is actually active & Running!
… a nice blog about OLD NAV Technology with a lot of visitors !!
below full stats about my old NAV blog
440.296 Visits, 10.000-15.000 monthly rate visits.   GREAT !!
world map 2015

you can follow me also on my Microsoft Dynamics Community Blog

… you are welcome to my new posts !

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