NAV2016 | (Im) Possibilities with Extensions

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In my previous posts about Extensions in NAV2016 I tried to explain the concept, reasoning and get you started with your own Extension in 5 easy steps.

  1. Getting Started with NAV2016 Extensions
  2. Create your own Extension in 5 easy steps
  3. Real world examples for Extensions

I got a lot of feedback and emails based on these posts. Some about PowerShell and using DotNet interop, some about XMLPort and Reports.

In this post I will talk more about the current possibilities and limitations and if, how and when these will be lifted.

In essence this blog is relatively simple. Microsoft already did a great job in documenting these on MSDN.

  1. Extending Microsoft Dynamics NAV Using Extension Packages
  2. How to: Create an Extension Package
  3. How to: Develop an Extension
  4. How to: Publish and Install an Extension
  5. Extension Packages Capability Support Matrix

The last one is of essence for this blog. The support…

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