Learning Dynamics NAV Patterns

Learning Dynamics NAV Patterns
new NAV book by Mark Brummel: “Learning Dynamics NAV Patterns”

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“Create solutions that are easy to maintain, quick to upgrade, and follow proven concepts and designs” https://www.packtpub.com/big-data-and-business-intelligence/learning-dynamics-nav-patterns

“ALL” about NAV C/AL Design Patterns

some links about NAV Design Patterns Project…

“The NAV Design Patterns project that started at Microsoft in July 2012. After a while, we opened up to external C/AL developers, who joined the authors in writing patterns.
If you have a pattern proposal, here is what to do. Hoping this work will bring value to you.”

Bogdana Botez drives, from the Microsoft side, an initiative to name and expose reusable design patterns in the NAV application code.

Pattern Evangelists:
– Eric Wauters (Waldo)
– Gary Winter
– Mark Brummel
– Mike Doster
– Søren Klemmensen

Design Patterns Community Page – Wiki

NAV Design Patterns: Your project now!


Get Involved

Template for writing NAV Design Patterns

Code of conduct
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MSDN NAV Team Blog – posts about patterns

NAV Application Design slides from NAV TechDays conference in Antwerp, 2013

NAV Application Design movie from NAV TechDays conference in Antwerp, 2013

NAV’s Secret Code: Design Patterns of Today and Tomorrow slides from NAV TechDays conference in Antwerp, 2013

Archive PAtterns

….be a nav pattern author !!!

Learning Dynamics NAV Patterns

2 thoughts on “Learning Dynamics NAV Patterns

  1. Thanks for promoting the book. It was actually Partner Ready Software who first started talking about Design Patterns for NAV, not Microsoft. PRS was invited to come to Vedbaek to share our ideas.

    The Microsoft project was started later in parallel and we worked together for a while.

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