Progress Indicator vs window

..nice old “but actual” post about NAV progress indicator !


Progress indicator based on Item DataItem
Create a report with Item as the dataitem.  
Put the code below in the prescribed triggers. 
Define the variables, Run the report  
The TotalCount will adjust per the filters you enter on the report so the 
progression bar is always on time.

Name         DataType
Window       Dialog  
TotalCount   Integer  
Counter      Integer  
Item - OnPreDataItem()
  Window.OPEN('Processing: @1@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@');
  TotalCount := COUNT;
Item - OnAfterGetRecord()
  Counter := Counter + 1;
  Window.UPDATE(1,ROUND(Counter / TotalCount * 10000, 1));
Item - OnPostDataItem()

How-to use Dialog Box with Progress Indicator
Try using a dialog box, but instead of using (ex. '#1######') you use 
(ex. @1@@@@@@@@@@@@@). The "@" sign signifies that you want to use 
progress bar indicator.

Source http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Navision-Knowledge-Village/

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based on this question :
"When running a long processing report, I usually open a window & 
update it with the entry no I am processing. Instead of using this, is 
there a function that can create a progress indicator type bar instead 
with a % done (for example, like the one you see when importing a file)?"


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