Project Madeira “IS ON” – try public preview !


Business solution reinvented

“Microsoft is reinventing business productivity with Project “Madeira.” Start the preview to see how easy it is to connect business processes with familiar Microsoft productivity tools to grow sales, manage finances, and streamline your operations—in the office, or on the go.”

Run your business within Office 365

“Project “Madeira” offers an embedded experience within Office 365 so you can create customers, vendors, quotes, and invoices without leaving Outlook. Export data to Excel for analyzing and create your outgoing documents in Word.”

Today we are proud to announce the public preview of code name Microsoft “Project Madeira,” a completely reinvented business management solution for small and midsize businesses (SMBs).

“Project Madeira” will be available in public preview over the next several months as we collect feedback and fine-tune the user experience. The “Project Madeira” team is looking forward to hearing from you! Sign up in seconds now, and use the feedback forums to let us know what you think.

Let us know what you think of Project Madeira

Microsoft Project ‘Madeira’ – General Feedback


“….Manage your sales, finances, billing, purchasing, and inventory — all without leaving Outlook”!  … great !

Microsoft is on a mission to reinvent productivity with a comprehensive business management solution that works right within Office 365. Start your preview of Project “Madeira” to see how easy it is to manage your sales, finances, billing, purchasing, and inventory — all without leaving Outlook. This Project “Madeira” for Windows app extends the experience to your mobile and touch-enabled devices for productivity on the go.”

Try Madeira @ ..

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