HR (Human Resources) module in Dynamics NAV

HR (Human Resources) module in Dynamics NAV

NAV HR Module

Some people have asked me about the HR NAV module, below some definitions and links.

HR Module’s Topics Details
The Human Resources feature lets you keep detailed records of your employees.
You can register and maintain employee information, such as employment contracts, confidential information, qualifications, and employee contacts.
You can also use Human Resources to register employee absences, which allows you to analyze registered absences as necessary.
To start using Human Resources, you must set up employees and other basic information. You can also associate various codes to an employee, which allows you to filter information and view specific employees.

Best Goals of Module
– Candidate profiling (skills matrix)
– Employees confidential information
– Managing employees absences
– Tracking of expensive equipments (assignements of benefits..etc.)
– Possibile integration with NAV resources (ex: timesheets)
– Possibile integration with external payroll system (NAV addons or Others..)

MSDN, NAV 2016 Human Resources Help Page

nice PDF here

nice yuoutube videos here

NAV Project Management Module with resources integration

Jobs & Projects

Best Topics
The Jobs area supports common project management tasks, such as configuring a job and scheduling a resource, as well as providing the information needed to manage budgets and monitor progress.
With the Jobs feature, you can manage long-term projects that involve the use of man hours, machine hours, inventory items, and other types of usage that you want to keep track of.
You can track machine and employee hours on the project by using time sheets. Using the Jobs functionality will provide a good overview, not only of individual jobs,
but also of the allocation of employees, machinery and other resources being used in all projects. You can also use this functionality for many types of services and consultancy tasks.

Task with resources
Create, schedule and manage resources
Integrate time sheets with job orders

Resource Planning Topics

Create and price resources, both persons and machines
Set up time sheets and the approval process.