Configuring Client Timeout in NAV 2016 CU 8 | Dynamics NAV Team Blog

Configuring Client Timeout in NAV 2016 CU 8 

“Finally, by popular demand, we changed this in Dynamics NAV 2016 Cumulative Update 8: The “ClientKeepAlive” setting has been moved from the user level to the service level, and is no longer defined in number of seconds but as a time interval, just like the Idle Client Timeout setting.

To configure the timeout for the Dynamics NAV Web client, it is sufficient to configure the SessionTimeout setting in the web.config file to the relevant interval – in our example it’s 00:10:00.

“We hope this clarifies the process for setting the timeout for the Dynamics NAV Windows client and Dynamics NAV Web client.”


Configuring Client Timeout | Dynamics NAV Team Blog

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