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Project “Madeira” my presentation on slideshare


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Project “Madeira” is a business management solution for small and mid-sized organizations that automates and streamlines business processes and helps you manage your business. Signing up is easy, and you can migrate existing business data from your legacy system. When you have signed up for the Project “Madeira” preview, you have access to a demonstration company. The demonstration company contains sample data, but you can create your own sales documents, for example, or set up a bank account.

In the preview, you can see visual guides that explain core functionality. These guides let you try out daily tasks such as making a sales invoice and viewing a report. When you want to explore Project “Madeira” on your own, you can always go back to the Getting Started tour by launching it from the Home page.

The Home page is also where you will find the Assisted Setup & Tasks action. Here you see a list of assisted setup that can help you getting started. Once you have migrated data such as vendors, customers, and items from your existing financial system using the Migrate Business Data assisted setup you are ready to begin. But depending on your needs, consider if the other assisted setup can help you.

In the Assisted Setup window, you will find the following:

Assisted Setup Description
Set Up Company Creates a new trial company for you to enter data and try our Project “Madeira”. If you went through the Getting Started tour this is probably already Completed.
Migrate Business Data Lets you import your existing company data such as vendors, customers, and items from Excel or Quickbooks.
Set Up Sales Tax Gets you started with default Tax groups and assigning Tax area codes that you can assign to customers and vendors in order to automatically calculate sales tax in sales or purchase documents.
Set Up Email Gets you ready for sending email messages directly from, for example, sales orders or contacts in Project “Madeira”.
Set Up Office Add-Ins Sets up the ability to use and launch Project “Madeira” from Outlook.
Set Up Email Logging Sets up the capability to log email correspondence in Project “Madeira” to follow up on interactions.

When you have run an assisted setup, it is marked as Completed. To run the assisted setup, you choose the three dots also called the context menu, and then you select Start Setup.

Madeira Help Page

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