NAV 2017 “Notifications”

…some time ago i found this nice question\post on Dynamics Community NAV Forum.


Does anyone know how to create a new record of notification by programming ? What table should you create the record ? “If i look on pages, the part is a system part of notications id.”

i posted some solutions here:

“How-to” manage NAV notifications by C/AL


NAV 2017 Notifications


…now we can use a “very powerful solution” to do this, nice documents about technology and “How-to Demo for Customers” are available for download on Partnersource.

Download Links
NAV 2017 Notifications

NAV 2017 Smart Notifications “How-to Demo for Customers”

Samples of Implementations

…i found on Dynamics Community blog this nice post (by Amol) about possible implementations…

“In the development environment, you can create notifications in C/AL.”

“This will helpful during

1) Shortage on Inventory

2) Customer Balance is negative

3) Customer credit limit exceeded

and many more…….

Original Post Source link:  Notifications in UI -NAV 2017 – Microsoft Dynamics NAV Community

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