NAV 2017 and “Microsoft Flow” integration: “Business Notification Manager” reinvented in Cloud

Microsoft Flow Preview
Microsoft Definition: “Microsoft Flow is a “brand new” SaaS offering, available today in preview, for automating workflows across the growing number of applications and SaaS services that business users rely on.”

Integrations: In the preview of Microsoft Flow Microsoft provide native and Cloud Based integration both for NAV 2017 throughout the entire Dynamics 365 platform.

I consider it very interesting and useful because until not long ago, there was a solution called “Business Notification Manager” (available from NAV 4..NAV 2009, then abandoned as then also happened to Employ Portal, Commerce Gateway, etc.) which could be used to manage a small workflow regarding only the “notification of events” without the need to write one line of code to handle it.
“Business Notification Manager” : this feature Allows you to automatically send emails to your employees and business partners Informing them of business events.”

He was using the logic “IF Trigger Fired THE Action..” the same used both NAV Workflow that Microsoft Flow (in this case born in the Cloud world).

Business Notification for NAV 2009
Business Notification for NAV 5

and now: “Microsoft Flow”
Integration Flow, NAV 2017 Suite Dynamics365 available today.
Actually you can choose two integration triggers:
– When record is created
– When record is modified

Microsoft Flow Plans – “How to get Flow” ?


Some pictures about integrations






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nice post about architecture here:
Role of PowerApps, Flow and Common Data Model in Dynamics 365

nice slides here:

Last Microsoft Video: “How Do I” Use Microsoft Flow with Dynamics NAV 2017

Sign up for Microsoft Flow


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