NAV 2017 “Assisted Setup”

in this short post, i will talk about a new feature of NAV 2017: “Assisted Setup”.

Assisted setup” is a nice feature (composed by a lot of wizards ready to use..) useful to guide your users through setup scenarios.
With this feature is possible:
– use a predefined set of data to setup main features (for selected areas)
– have a great first setup configuration for your new company (enhanche first-time experience)

List of some wizards ready to use:
– Setup Company (Configurator for first one access)
– Approval workflow
– Item Approval
– Power Bi embedded configutation (Azure directory)
Setup Reporting
– Office 365 integration
– Dynamis CRM connection
– email logging
etc. etc.

My example: “Setup Reporting”
Setup Reporting” is a nice feature (wizard) to configure OData with fields selections, all in only “one shot” configuration.
Definition\Scope: “you can create data sets for building report in excel, Power Bi, Odata..”

below some “step by step” pictures.





“item list” Data Set Configuration with fields mapping




“Item list” is published like Web Service & OData


“item list” json output from OData


you are welcome.

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