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  1. Hi Roberto,

    With the old NAS we could use a category filter to split the different tasks per job queue (service).
    Here fore we used one job queue for all daily processes as shown below, this process runs all processes that are created daily such as posting purchase and sales orders via job queue with category DAY.

    The other job queue is setup for the night processing of recurring job queue entries with category NIGHT, such as ‘cost price adjustment’ and ‘posting inventory values to GL’.

    • Each job queue process has its own service running on the server and runs only job queue entries with corresponding job queue category. This is done so because the day process can sometimes stop because of errors and in this case the night process is still handling the tasks that are critical for reporting numbers the next day.
    • It’s important that the DAY job queue only handles job queue entries with category DAY and must not handle the tasks of the NIGHT job queue (when not using the category’s to split the process ‘posting inventory values to GL’ was started by the DAY job queue in parallel with ‘cost price adjustment’ and they blocked each other). This is achieved by the job queue card definition what defines which service runs the job queue and what the job queue category filter is to select entries to process.
    • The NIGHT job queue must handle its own processes in a serial (and not parallel) manner.

    How can we achieve this in NAV2017 when running the new task scheduler? We can setup that the task scheduler process for running only 1 process at a time in order to prevent parallel processing but how can we start each task scheduler process for their specific job queue category? What we see is that a task scheduler process is always handling all job queue entries, when the first process is still running ‘cost price adjustment’ and the starting time of the second process ‘posting inventory values to GL’ is reached the second process picks this one for processing. It looks like job queue category’s has no function anymore?

    Kind regards,

    Wilbert Touw

    1. Hi I have similar problem – I need to run different tasks using different user privileges (automatic saving files to server, where access rights could not be set for Network services). How is going NAV to decide which service will run which task? And if it selects incorrect service and fails while processing the task, I suppose it will persist on trying to run it again on the same service instead of selecting another service which could process it?
      With job queue category it was easily possible.

      If you find some workaround I would be grateful…


      1. Hi Zdenek,
        in the service tier for the task scheduler your can setup the no. of parallel background sessions. Per category code only one background session is used. So if you use the same category the processing is serial. if you set the no of sessions to 1 its always serial.


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