Dynamics NAV in Remote App Mode

Dynamics NAV in Remote App Mode

Some people have asked me information on how to use the NAV Windows Client (ex RTC) in remote app mode.
This environment can be useful for those still using the NAV Windows Client (in a few years I think that you will only use the Web Client or NAV in SaaS Mode).
In various forums there are many posts about this topic, I bring my personal experience about this topic.

About my Experience
I use it for many years and I must say that it works well, the published NAV Windows Clients (ex RTC) in remote app is very light and the band occupied is very low.
For example: it allows quickly to activate NAV in foreign branches without installing anything and without worrying too much about internet bandwidth etc. etc.

Points of Strenghts
– Don’t install anything on the client, just deploy the application icon or to give access to a portal (gateway remote app like in the picture)
– is also usable on PCs with XP window (…), I don’t buy new PC if I don’t need high performance
– The occupied bandwidth is really little, similar to other remote application tools)
(when the local NAV Client is slow, via remote app however can be fast…
– Compared to the standard terminal server is much less invasive, user uses only what has been published, not everything a remote desktop.
– I can also use it in VPN (if I do not want to publish on the internet)
– I can use all NAV versions starting at 4.0 SP1.

Points of Weakness
– if you are using Word Layout, Word must be installed on the remote server or you cannot print (ex: errors with Post & Print function)
– Sometimes the NAV session is not closed on the server (even if it is closed on the client)
– Copy and Paste operations are more harder bur possible.
– If you don’t want to use a VPN , you need to use applications published on the Internet Gateway (… is the same situation with Azure and endpoints)
– Today is considered “old technology”, not web based and oriented.




NAV Windows Client on Remote App (remote execution).. you are Welcome !


Some Links for you

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Have a nice new Year 2017 !

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