Month: January 2017

Microsoft Forum 2017

Microsoft Forum 2017 Mercoledì 8 marzo,  MiCo, Gate 3, Viale Scarampo, Milano La 2Rivoluzione Industriale 4.0″ e i cambiamenti che sta generando sul mercato “La 2a edizione del più grande evento annuale di Microsoft rivolto ai decisori aziendali. Dove l’industria italiana e l’innovazione convergono e danno vita a nuova conoscenza e nuove idee.” Sessioni tematiche: […]

Dynamics NAV New Books

Many ask in the forum about books\ebooks\kindles on Dynamics NAV 2017; actually there are no books on Dynamics NAV 2017 (…the same for Dynamics 365 Business Edition), many books have been updated at least to Dynamics NAV 2016. Good News: “New books on Dynamics NAV will be released soon”. Below you can find the title and release […]

“How-to” implement a Copy Loop in Word report layouts

“How-to” implement a Copy Loop in Word report layouts Some time ago, I found this post on Microsoft Dynamics Community about: “No. of Copies” doesn’t work in Word Layout reports, “No. of Copies” works only on RDLC reports. Example: Report 1306 Standard Sales – Invoice, “N. Copies” on request page Post Topic “Hi experts, I […]

“How -to” restrict multiple logins for same user in NAV

Force logins limitations for some users can boost\improve system (few active Sessions..) as standard users can login in NAV multiple times, ex of real Scenario: CEO can have multiple logins, operational people NO !!  NAV 2013 and Later From NAV 2013 Microsoft created a table named: Active Sessions – Table ID 2000000110 This table contains information […]

“ALL ABOUT” Kill (In)active Sessions when “no more licenses”

Sometimes it happens that there are “no more licenses available” for Dynamics NAV, from NAV 2013 R2 and next releases, it’s necessary to run the Windows Client or to use Powershell statements to kill some sessions and unlock others. If you are unable to access to NAV (“no more licenses”), you should need to use […]

Azure Days – Milano, 26 gennaio

“Azure Days”, 26 gennaio 2017 – 09:00 – 18:00 Fondazione Feltrinelli Via Alessandro Volta 23, Milano (MI) “Nell’era della Digital Transformation, il Cloud di Microsoft permette alle organizzazioni di realizzare il proprio percorso di innovazione garantendo sicurezza e scalabilità. Azure è al centro di questo momento di trasformazione strategica grazie alle proprie caratteristiche in termini […]

How To setup “Keep Alive Interval” setting NAV2016-NAV2017

Many posts in forums about this topic; some people report that Idle Client Timeout configured in NAV Administration is not working. Example of scenario: “Users logs in to the Navision by windows client installed on their PC but after setting idle client timeout session for 3 minutes then also it does not log off after […]

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