2 thoughts on ““How -to” restrict multiple logins for same user in NAV

  1. Isn’t this irrelevant now. My understanding is that actually if a user opens up more sessions only 1 license seat is taken for that user. This is the case as long as it isn’t a subscription (SAL) based license. For a perpetual license you do not get this problem as the user can open as many sessions as they like and actually only uses up one seat on the license. This was a change made by Microsoft some time ago.

    1. you are right… sure… but fixed only from NAV 2013 CU 5 (confirmed by Microsoft from my old support ticket….counter doesn’t work fine..) .. if you have older version and customer doesn’t want to upgrade you can have license issues….. but this utility is useful to have better performance…for example one user crate a new nav session when push “export to Excel”…

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