NAV 2017 with Office 365 and Sharepoint Integration

Recently i found some questions in Microsoft Dynamics Community about these two topics: Office 365 and Sharepoint Integration with NAV. Some time ago, i talked about Azure deployment, take a look at my old post “ALL” about “Deploying Microsoft Dynamics NAV on Windows Azure” NAV 2015 ; now i would like to talk about Dynamics NAV with Office 365 and Sharepoint Integration

Best goals:
Dynamics NAV with:
– Office 365 Integration
– Sharepoint Online Integration
– “Complete Demo Environment of Dynamics NAV 2017” – Azure


Image from Freddy Blog (TM)

Existing powershell scripts “ready to go”
Powershell Scripts are existing and ready to use, you can find these scripts in Dynamics NAV DVD Image folders or in c:\DEMO\ for Dynamics NAV Azure Images deployments (the folders will be created directly by images).
Example : Files are located in: “D:\Dynamics.100.W1.2087091.DVD\WindowsPowerShellScripts\NAVOffice365Administration\ or in  c:\DEMO\ for NAV 2017 Azure Images.



A List of “Suggested” Links
Below a list of suggested links to achieve correct installation\configuration for a complete NAV 2017 Demo Environment with Office 365 and SharePoint Integration. Best Links (from my opinion) are available on Freddy Blog, note that all links from Freddy are free to use (not under NDA or only for Partners…), very useful for ALL people.



About Azure Images
The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Image in the Azure Gallery

One NAV 2017 on Azure – Loaded please…

Azure DEMO scripts Deployment Gallery Image NAV NAV 2017
navdemodeploy – under the hood

Setup your NAV 2017 DEMO environment

Azure DEMO scripts Deployment – using PowerShell




About Office 365 Integration


Folder DEMO/O365 Integration

On Partnersource
Install O365 integration – DEMO Install Script (NAV 2016)

Configure the Outlook/Office Add-in

GREAT VIDEOS – “HOW DO I” NAV 2017 Office 365 Integrations

How Do I: Bring your Microsoft Dynamics NAV Demo Instance in Office 365

“How Do I” configure the outlook add in

“How Do I” Configure the Excel Add-in in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

“How Do I” Synchronize my Microsoft Dynamics NAV contacts with Office 365



About Sharepoint Integration
SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics NAV – best topics


From MSDN Online:

“If you set up a SharePoint site, you can add Microsoft Dynamics NAV as an app to the site so that the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client opens when the user chooses an icon. Then, you can add web parts that show Microsoft Dynamics NAV data, such as a list of sales invoices with overdue payments. Users can drill down into the data and the web parts will open the relevant page in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client when the user chooses an icon or a link.”

Access NAV 2017 via a SharePoint Portal

Integrating Microsoft Dynamics NAV in SharePoint Sites

Developing and Installing a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Apps for SharePoint

Troubleshooting: Microsoft Dynamics NAV and SharePoint

Dynamics Navision 2015 Integration with SharePoint Online and office O365 – How to embed Dynamics Navision 2015 Pages into SharePoint Online

OFFICE 365 INTEGRATION IN NAV 2015 – Word/Excel/SharePoint by ksdconsultancy



Office 365 Integration

NAV TechDays 2014 – Office 365 Integration and Document Reporting In NAV 2015 Focus on Simplicity


Sharepoint Online Integration

NAVTechDays2014 Integrate Dynamics NAV Web Client with SharePoint Online

Have a nice integration !

One thought on “NAV 2017 with Office 365 and Sharepoint Integration

  • 9 May 2017 at 2:36 PM

    Hi Roberto,
    i am trying to run the script “Install O365 Integration” on CPT 5 Multitenant ENV and i am gettting this error

    Server is multi-tenant. You need to apply this package before installing multi-tenancy. (at , C:\DEMO\O365 Integration\install.ps1: line 91)

    any idea what i need to do ?



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