NAV 2017 not documented options for “Credential Type”

In NAV 2017 there are two new options for “Credentials Type”: TaskScheduler and EchangeIdentity.

“Credential Type” -> “AS IS” Documentation
“Specifies the authentication mechanism for Microsoft Dynamics NAV users of this Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server instance.”
The options are “Windows, Username, NavUserPassword, and AccessControlService”.

But… What about others features ?  “TaskScheduler”, “EchangeIdentity”, “None” ?

In reality now there are three not documented options in the online help and also in NAV admin console help: “TaskScheduler”, “EchangeIdentity”, “None”   …the option “None” was already existing in 2016, undocumented.

NAV 2016


NAV 2017



I asked Microsoft to update the documentation on MSDN (not updated from NAV 2016), useful in explaining exactly the “scope” and the “ByDesign” concept of each option.  I’ll let you know!  .

I have the solution (23/03/2017..) !.. Thanks to Microsoft…  -> “These options are for Dynamics 365 for Financials” .. IASS applications !!!  .not for NAV.

MSDN – “Users and Credential Types”


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