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Today, I would like to talk about the NAV Warehouse Management System (WMS) module.
Some people have asked me for information and documentation about how to use the module in NAV and how to use it in mobility.
In addition to the classic existing MSDN documentation, I attach a short document and video.
For mobility use (in addition to the classic use of NAV through Universal APP or ADCS) i recommend this product that we use in the NAVlab group: “MobileNAV“, there are several but this from my point of view is a good product.

In the underlying links, you can download information about the NAV WMS and the MobileNAV module.



Warehouse Management System (WMS) in Dynamics NAV


Youtube video

MDSN Links
Design Details: Warehouse Management

“This documentation gives an overview of the concepts and principles that are used in the Warehouse Management features in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016. It explains the design behind central warehouse features and how warehousing integrates with other supply chain features.
To differentiate the different complexity levels of the warehousing, this documentation is divided into two general groups, Basic and Advanced Warehousing, indicated by section titles.”


mobile nav

Mobile NAV  (ERP anywhere)


Cost effective warehousing solution based on MobileNAV

6 reasons to choose MobileNAV
– Online and Offline modes
– Highly Customizable
– Easy to use
– Platform and Device independent
– Future proof
– Worldwide coverage

WMS with Mobile NAV (Warehouse Solution)

“WMS.MobileNAV” is the ultimate mobile solution for your Warehouse
The application fully supports the warehousing workflow, which allows your warehouse employees to perform their tasks on mobile devices quickly and effectively, making paper-based working obsolete. A lot of pre-configured modules are ready to use.

EID (NAVlab Group) is Mobile NAV partner
“MobileNAV – accedi al tuo NAV da iPhone, iPad, Android e Windows Phone”


5 thoughts on “Dynamics NAV WMS & MobileNAV

  • 2 May 2017 at 9:08 AM

    hi roberto,
    what are your experiences with mobilenav in concrete customer projects?
    hard/easy to install/configure/customize ?
    was customization needed ? can it be customized using config parameters ?
    franz kalchmair (i.e. jonathan archer)

    • 2 May 2017 at 4:58 PM

      Sure, actually i use mobile NAV on 3 customers, in my group i think more than 10 customers are live with mobileNAV.

      Is simple to install, you can define custom pages for warehouse employes (you can map fields and rules on run-time generated pages), system can works offline if necessary (ex for inventory conts etc,). You can define new pages with page generation wizard (like ADCS pages\miniforms).

      You can print any document using standard NAV reports.

  • 5 March 2020 at 10:45 AM

    Buongiorno, vorrei sapere se nel warehouse avanzato c’è il modo di riuscire a prelevare delle qtà maggiori rispetto a quelle che il sistema ha calcolato.
    Per esempio lanciando il prospetto prelievo, creo un prelievo collegato ad un ordine di produzione,
    il sistema calcola la qtà da prelevare in base alle quantità previste, ma è evidente che questa logica si scontra con le realtà aziendali, in quanto se il sistema dice di prelevare per esempio 346,25kg di filo di acciaio il magazziniere non preleverà mai quella qtà ma bensi la qtà dell’intera bobina, tra le altre cose potrei avere a magazzino n bobine con pesi differenti (questa situazione la gestisco con lotti differenti, lotto1-bobina1 650kg, lotto2-bobina2 570kg ecc…), vorrei sapere se c’è modo di far prelevare il lotto intero che più si avvicina come qta a quella prevista, nel esempio qui sopra descritto dovrebbe dirmi i prelevare interamente il lotto2-bobina2.


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