Number of Copies with Word Layout (Option II)

Number of Copies with Word Layout (Option II)

Some time ago, I found this post on Microsoft Dynamics Community about: “No. of Copies” doesn’t work in Word Layout reports, “No. of Copies” works only on RDLC reports.

Example: Report 1306 Standard Sales – Invoice, N. Copies” on request page

Option I

Old Post about this topic:  “How-to” implement a Copy Loop in Word report layouts”


Option II (new workaround)

In this second post, i’m talking about managing the number of copies on documents created with Word Layout instead of the solution that Microsoft has already mentioned in the old post. (alternative solution).

In practice, you can enter and edit the standard NAV printing function (codeunit 9561) by modifying the calls insted of change the reports, If the user goes directly to printing it may be useful to use it.


In this case, it is best to handle a new field eg “Number of Copies” in the “Custom Report Layout (9650)” table because, in fact, the copying issue only applies to Documents made with Word Report Layout, those with RDLC format already work well as standard. If the field is inserted in the “Report Selection” table, the reports that are launched with the REPORT.RUN function could be excluded.

The concept of the number of copies remains that same of the RDLC reports (ex “0” = print of the original “1”, “2”, “3” copies etc.  (Ex 1 = two prints an original and a copy) for the number of copies to follow.
Using the number of copies in the Custom Report Layouts table, you can also manage different copies for each company.

In this case (see image), the number of copies managed only applies to the “PRINT” option and not PREVIEW, SAVETOPDF, WORD, etc. is also possible for these properties if N-documents are generated in preview mode and SAVEAS mode.

report action PRINT 0

report action PRINT.png

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