VS Code “AL” extensions (PART I)

Hi guys,

there are some extensions that can be used in VS Code and are useful for development with AL, I have listed and inserted a brief description, since they are constantly evolving, I’ll put some more when available in a later post (Part II).

These extensions are currently available:

– AL Language (By Microsoft)

– AL Formatter (By Rasmus Aaen)

– AL Runner (By Tobias Fenster)

– NAV Skills AL Clean Code (by Mark Brummel)

– Dynamics NAV/AL (By Zodiacfireworks)

– Dynamics NAV SCM (by Cloud Ready Software)

– NAV Snippets (By Naresh)

– CRS AL Language Extension (By CRS-Waldo)








Make working with the (Dynamics NAV / 365) AL Language easier and more efficient.




AL Language

With this extension, you can write extensions for Dynamics 365 for Financials in the AL language with full support for formatting, syntax highlighting, and rich IntelliSense.

This preview includes:

Editing support through IntelliSense, syntax highlighting, and formatting

Typing Al:Go! in the command palette (Ctrl+Shift+P) easily gets you started with your first AL extension

Support for and snippets to define Codeunits, Pages, Page Extensions, Tables, Table Extensions, XMLPorts, and Reports

Support for reference by symbols (Shift+F12) to jump to all instances of a specific symbol

Getting compilation errors in the Problems window while working

Added support for using HTTP and JSON types to access Azure functions and other Web Services

Using F5 to deploy to the current development instance

Ability to define a dependency on another extension by listing it in the app.json configuration file

Autogeneration of app.json and launch.json project files

AL Formatter

VS Code extension for formatting AL files

Feature; Indentation, Keyword case style, Sort variable defintions, Spacing

“In Development: Full implementation of the Microsoft C/AL Coding Guidelines.” GREAT !!

NAV Skills AL Clean Code

The NAV Skills extension is designed for AL and Dynamics NAV. It allows you to refactor code into a new function or codeunit and let’s you test an object against guidelines for clean code.

Features: Provides two commans: Refactor, Clean Code

AL Runner

Can run AL Objects

AL Runner allows you to compile and publish your application and run a NAV AL page object using Alt+P for the object in the current selection or Shift+Alt+P for the first object in the file. It also allows you to just run (no compile and publish) a NAV AL page or report object using Alt+R like in good old (actually bad old) C/SIDE for the object in the current selection or Shift+Alt+R for the first object in the file

Dynamics NAV/AL

This plugin is intended to make development for Microsoft Dynamics NAV easier, away from it’s ugly and non productive development environment.

Dynamics NAV SCM

Easy create a local Microsoft Dynamics NAV environment. Optimised for usage with git.

NAV Snippets

Page-Action-Add will create a code block in AL containing the properties of a Page Action.

CRS AL Language Extension

Make working with the (Dynamics NAV / 365) AL Language easier and more efficient.

Stay tuned for Next Update ! .. PART II

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