Some news from Directions US

Sessions of the three next main events have been published; some sessions of them in the future will be modified, integrated and enriched but however it’s already possible to begin to understand the new functionalities of Tenerife.

Below is a list of sessions about Tenerife @Directions US

Directions US Sessions (17-20 September 2017)



Desktop and Web Client Enhancements

Improved App functionalities

Server and database improvements (.. a lot of features.. some under NDA)

Semplified CRM Area

Cognitive Services

Better Cortana Intelligence

Easy Deployment of NAV using Docker Windows Container

Best Integrations with:

Excel (…you can edit G/L Entry in excel…. My good !!) using bidirectional integration

Power BI (…not only for role centers.. Power BI everywhere???)

Microsoft Flow and Bookings (workflow for ALL…)

Outlook and Linkedin integration (reminders and contact card..)

… and… Cognitive Services (AI- Artificial Intelligence), born with Azure cognitives services, in this case can be used by NAV to recognize images and save in right place (ad example for items and resources cards)



**** Last news from Directions US Keynote – #1 – 17-09  ****

…two products with two different pipelines but “full NAV” in both products with new names.

1 – Dynamics NAV will be “Dynamics NAV 365 Tenerife on Premises”

tenerifer name

2 – Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Business Edition (365FOB) will be “Dynamics 365 ‘Tenerife’ on cloud”


**** Last news from Directions US Keynote  – #2, #3  – 18, 19-09  ****

Tenerife What’s New


About release date:  SPRING 2018

Dynamics 365 Tenerife, scheduled for spring 2018.

nice post here by

Nice post by “THE FUTURE OF NAV”


**** Last news from Microsoft Blog  about NAV 2018 – 22/09  ****

NAV 2018 will be released !

“NAV 2018 will be released late…, will become generally available later this calendar year !”

Stay tuned for other news !