Hi followers!

… almost a year of New Development Environment! … and is still in preview !

About Vs Code & Microsoft Al

I had already talked about VS Code, AL and the new development environment before, I had also created a short presentation on slideshare. Since it has been viewed and downloaded by several people, i thought I would integrate it with one related to differences between the two development environments (some of my followers have asked about this topic).

Documentation and books

Currently there is still little available documentation that will probably be integrated shortly, no book has yet been published on the subject, I know something is already in production.

Microsoft Docs

Since Microsoft Doc will now be used as a repository of all Dynamics documentation, I hope it will arrive shortly .. however, that the new development environment is still in Preview!

Below you can find a brief and simple presentation of the differences between the old and the new development environment.

My last presentation on Slideshare “C/SIDE-C/AL Vs VS Code-AL”


Stay tuned for updated documentation and new books!