Month: December 2017

My most viewed posts of 2017

Hello to all, as every year’s end summarize my most viewed posts, since the launch of new releases of NAV is now almost at the end of the year, the rankings are not accurate … but that’s okay anyway. ..before starting… HAPPY 2018 TO EVERYONE! MY MOST VIEWED POSTS OF 2017 (BEST 60) BEST DAY : […]


MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR ! Hi followers, i and my international family wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year ! Sincerely. If you want you can exchange greetings also in Microsoft Dynamics Community … this is the link in the forum NAV 2018 Lectures If during the holidays you […]

ALL About NAV 2018 Web Client Personalization

ALL About NAV 2018 Web Client Personalization Hi people, another post of my “ALL About” Series (the last before Christmas! …and the last of the year I think). I already talked about this topic in the last article about the NAV 2018 what’s New on MSDynamicsWorld: “User Personalization & Web Client: “Personalize your workspace directly […]

Dynamics NAV and GDPR (EU)

“Microsoft is dedicated to helping our partners and customers meet the requirements of the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that applies to all EU citizens and businesses. By May 2018, all supported versions of Dynamics NAV will be updated for GDPR compliance. We are also working on a whitepaper that will help you make your solution […]

NAV Development Preview – Welcome to Anniversary Developer Preview

NAV Development Preview – Anniversary Update “Welcome to Anniversary Developer Preview” “Even though December is not over yet, we have another release for you! Welcome to our Anniversary Developer Preview – today marks exactly 1 year ago since we announced the first preview of the modern development tools – for a trip down memory lane, […]


NAV 2018 USER TASKS Through this nice feature, it is possible to manage: Task, assign them to a user, set an expiration date, create a recursive task. There is the possibility to view and manage the assigned tasks from NAV Client (like a “to-do” list). You can create tasks to remind of work to be […]

NAV 2018 First Look

NAV 2018 First Look  Take a look to my last article on MSDynamicsWorld : NAV 2018 First Look Link On Slideshare: NAV 2018 What's New from Roberto Stefanetti Have a nice reading, Thanks ! #NAV 2018 What’s New Post Views: 1,959


NAV 2018 SERVICE OPTIONS RECAP In NAV 2018 there are many new options related to the NAV Service; some of them have already been introduced with the latest build \ cumulative updates for NAV 2016 and NAV 2017 and only updated \ modified; others are new and introduced by this release. NEW POWERSHELL CMDLETS There […]


Hi guys ! Friday, December 1, 2017, Welcome to NAV 2018 ! ANNOUNCING AND DOWNLOAD LINK   Soluzioni EDP NAV 2018 Launch Pages Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018: è qui! Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 GREAT ! #MVPBUZZ #DYNDEV #SEDP  #NAV-lab #NAV 2018 What’s New Post Views: 8,538

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