Through this nice feature, it is possible to manage:

  • Task, assign them to a user, set an expiration date, create a recursive task. There is the possibility to view and manage the assigned tasks from NAV Client (like a “to-do” list).

You can create tasks to remind of work to be done, you can assign tasks to you or to other users (functionality like CRM assign function or service task).

.. I had included this request in MS Connect long time ago… NICE TO HAVE NOW!



Standard Task

Recurring Tasks


Example of utilization:

The User Tasks window shows all tasks, and you can easily create and assign new tasks. When you create a task, you can specify the start date and due date, and you can add a link to the window in Dynamics NAV where the user must do the work.

For example, you can create a task for yourself to view all posted sales invoices. In that case, you link the task to page 143, Posted Sales Invoices.

Use the look-up in the Page field and then use the Search for Page or Report field to find the page that you want. For more information, see Searching for a Page or Report.

Picking Up User Tasks

In the Business Manager, Bookkeeper, and Accountant Role Centers, a tile shows pending tasks that are assigned to that user. To pick up a task, simply choose it from the list of pending user tasks. In the ribbon, the link Go to Task Item opens the window where you can do the work.

When you have completed a task, simply mark it as completed.


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