4 thoughts on “ALL About NAV 2018 Web Client Personalization

  1. Hi Roberto,

    What do you mean whith settong an X in Ribbon & actions and Navigation Pane in web client. To my view they are both not personnalizable in web client?

  2. Hey Roberto,
    thank you for your very interesting article 🙂
    I thought it could help me with a problem I have with the personalization function:

    I am using BC 14 on prem and there I used the personalization function already several times on Customer Card & List. Now I wanted to make the columns in Chart of Accounts bigger. When I try this, there is suddenly the symbol, which shows me, that it is forbidden. Do you know, how to avoid this?! Can I bypass this somehow? I am super user…in a higher version of BC I can make these changes…I thought a reason could be something with the permission I have or at least I not have..or the role I have…

    Thank you 😉

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