News about GDPR and NAV

News about GDPR and NAV

may 2018

I spoke recently of NAV and GDPR in this post

Since many people have asked me about this topic (in addition to almost all our customers…), i have scaled the request to Microsoft to which they have promptly replied.

As already mentioned, Microsoft says that the document on how to make NAV compliant with the GDPR is in the final phase and that it will soon be available for partners (sure a lot before due date). For older versions of NAV -> the suggestion is: UPGRADE if possible.

“To start I would like to emphasize that all versions in mainstream support will get GDPR related features (This means NAV 2015 and up).
A document that will help our partners, related to GDPR&NAV, is in the final stage and will be available, (unfortunately I will have an official release date).
As for the unsupported versions (..from NAV 1.X to NAV 2013R2) our main recommendation is: UPGRADE”

Other Tools
I started to look at some tools for the old versions of NAV, for now i found this:

NAV GDPR Toolset


I keep you informed as soon.

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