AL CODE OUTLINE Tree View Extension

A nice updated extension is “AL CODE OUTLINE”.

“This extension has been inspired by “Code Outline” extension created by Patryk Zawadzki and “Tree Data Provider” I’ve decided to create it because I wanted something that could understand AL object structure and to be able to add some AL specific commands to tree nodes in the future.”

How This Extension Works

“The AL Code Outline extension displays code outline of active file in the explorer pane. It was initially created to support AL files only, but AL project can also contain other file types for data (xml, json) and client add-ins (javascript, css, html, handlebars) so symbols tree works for them too. Basic functionality allows user to click on one of symbols tree nodes to move cursor to that symbol in the code editor.

For AL file types, extension tries to extract a bit more information from the language server and can display context menu with additional options for some of the symbols. At this moment, context menu works for ‘Table’ symbol only and allows user to create new card and list pages with all fields from selected table.”

“Create New” CARD or LIST Page Features

This extension is just one of the first .. i think that others will come out soon .. ..slowly .we are approaching a “Visual” world for VS Code

Download extension from here

Great !

2 thoughts on “AL CODE OUTLINE Tree View Extension

  • 4 February 2018 at 12:06 AM

    Thank you for sharing.

    I can see on your screens that page and table nodes are displayed twice, it looks like a bug to me. I’ve just released updated version of this extension, it should be fixed now. I’ve also modified page generator code to add ApplicationArea to all fields on both card and list pages and UsageCategory to list pages.


    • 4 February 2018 at 7:48 AM

      hi, great extension and great job! … this extension is very appreciated in socials and on Nav Communities ,,,2000 views on linkedin yesterday ! … VS Code is gret.

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