Compliance Manager Preview is now available ! (GDPR)

Compliance Manager Preview is now available ! (GDPR)

*Compliance Manager is a dashboard that provides a summary of your data protection and compliance stature and recommendations to improve data protection and compliance. This is a recommendation, it is up to you to evaluate its effectiveness in your regulatory environment prior to implementation. Recommendations from Compliance Manager should not be interpreted as a guarantee of compliance.”

As we get closer to general availability in 2018, we will add support for additional products, including Azure and Dynamics 365, along with a Compliance Score feature that reflects your organization’s compliance posture based on your activities in Compliance Manager. We’ll also be adding more regulatory standards like National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication 800-53, along with additional evidence to support Microsoft’s compliance to the GDPR. We’ll be increasing depth in the recommended actions for your GDPR program as well as the evidence that you can use to demonstrate support for the GDPR when using Microsoft services.

To provide you with access to all of Microsoft’s cloud-related security, compliance, and privacy information, we have also revamped the Service Trust Portal, which provides auditing and assessment reports, technical whitepapers, and various how-to guides.