Change Global Dimensions in NAV 2018

The Change Global Dimensions Feature was improved

In earlier versions of Dynamics NAV, the “Change Global Dimensions report” block all activities (you should run the report away from working hours…)

The Change Global Dimensions report now runs in this way:

Change Routine is parallelized and executed per table in separate independent background jobs.

Other users can work with read all data in tables that are not involved in the update of global dimensions. However, that all changes to tables in the list are blocked until all of them are completely updated.

Any failed task can be rerun from the place of failure (start from failure point and complete)


General Ledger Setup

You can find this features on G/L Setup Page

Before starting, you need to remove “ALL SHORTCUTS DIMENSIONS”, If you don’t remove all shortcuts, system show an error message “you need to close all active sessions”

Run “Change Global Dimension” page

In this case BUSINESSGROUP dimension will be changed in CUSTOMERGROUP

ERROR MESSAGE WILL BE SHOWED (if you have an ACTIVE SHORTCUSTS on dimension that will be changed, in this case is a different dimension) NO ERRORS in this scenario.

Launch Dimension Update


Launch “START”

Now system is running (in background mode)

“RERUN” Feature

You can “RERUN” a table update (if a table was not correctly updated), the system in this case restarts from the last correct checkpoint.



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