10 thoughts on “NAV GDPR Tools In Action (@NAV 2018 CU4)

  1. Very professional tools. Also Excel Export Buttons in Pages removed. Only the feature “Copy Rows” in List Pages (for example Customer, Vendor, etc…) still exists … Would be a nice feature to have a Page property or System Permission Flag to handle this request, so that the user is not able to export any secure data with Copy & Paste.

  2. Hi Roberto, thanks for the nice blog! Do you have any information that the GDPR functionality will be extended in future builds of NAV ? I am reading about the copy rows property, but there might be more in the pipeline?

  3. Hi Roberto, thank you for this blog. Please note that configuration packages are not encrypted. They are zipped xml. Rename the file to .zip.

  4. Thanks for a detailed blog! It helped me a lot.
    I couldn’t apply the data sensitivity filter to all employees. It allows me to select only one at a time. Is there any way for complete selection? The same goes for other Data Subjects.

  5. Hi Roberto ,
    Thanks for all the details in the blog. Is there any update for NAV versions 2015 to 2017 as well?

  6. Hello Roberto,

    thank you for the detailed blog. One remark: To track changes to the data (including deletion of sensitive data), the standard NAV Change Log is not 100% secure, as:
    – Change Log Settings may be changed by NAV users at any time, so the Change Log may not be “always on” for the correct tables and fields
    – Change Log Entries may be deleted by anyone that has access to Object Designer and a NAV Developer License
    I doubt that this meets legal requirements concerning reporting data changes defined by GDPR (DSGVO in Germany).

    Therefore, I highly recommend a tool called “NAVCLARC”.

    This basically does the same thing as standard NAV Change Log, but is in a separate object ID range protected by license settings. So not even a developer with SUPER Permissions and Developer License may even look into code.

    Data and NAVCLARC Change Log Settings are protected by a three-key Access System:
    – Key #1 = for the Customer,
    – Key #2 = for the external Data Security Auditor and
    – Key #3 = an encrypted digital certificate with limited validity Duration (single day or single session) This certificate is released by the tool’s NAV Partner and forwarded only to the external Auditor.

    This NAVCLARC Change Log is “always on” and cannot be shut of or manipulated even if 2 of the 3 parties mentioned above join forces – and the NAV Partner surely will not do so 😉

    If you wish to learn more please feel free to contact me: eric.otten@dynamicsexperts.de

  7. Hi Roberto, Trying this functionallity in BC15
    When I try it on contacts I have found data here, but my customers I see nothing

    In the screen Data Privacy Utility
    Data Subject : Customer
    Data Subject Identifier: I do not see any data here
    which is different when I choose Data Subject: Contact
    How come

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