From NAV 2009 to NAV 2018 – Timeline of Features

From NAV 2009 to NAV 2018 – Timeline of Features

Recently i went to some prospects that currently use old versions of NAV and want to upgrade to NAV 2018 (already NAV customers also from other partners), I am asked to list and summarize the main features introduced in the various versions of NAV starting from the NAV 2009; I decided to make a brief summary of the main features of the NAV 2009 to NAV 2018 versions, usable before a demo on NAV 2018 (for NAV 2018 and Business Central).

There was also an official comparison chart on Microsoft website

but at today …the page is death!!

#1 NAV Timeline – Best Features in Time Chart

#2 – NICE Old Roadmap with some features listed

#3 – NAV Timeline – Best Features for NAV Releases

TECHNICAL FEATURES (and some functionals)

NAV 2009 (and R2)

RTC (roled tailored client)

Multitier Architecture (First 3 levels release)

Web Services (with separate Service)

Zeta Doc Express integration

On Line Payment Services

New CRM Integration

Tree map visualization

NAV 2013 (and R2)


Admin Shell



New Model for Dimensions

NAV Server multiportservices configurationadministration

NAV Users (and multiple types of users)

Best Charts

WEB Client

Nee NAS Technology

Sharepoint Integration

Single Sign On

Rapid Start Services

.NET Interoperability

Help Server

Cash Management

Cost Accounting

Cache Flow Forecast

Assembly Management

SEPA v1.0

Better Service Module Integration

Inventory Movements

NAV 2015

Print reports on Job queue (OnDemand scheduling)

Document Reporting: WORD LAYOUT

NAV Universal APP

SEPA Direct

Social Listening Support

Office 365 First Full Integration

NAV 2016

WORKFLOW for Developers (Business & Integration)

WORKFLOW for Users

New Approvals Model (based on Workflow)

Events & Extensions

EDI (e-everything)

Dynamics CRM native integration

Power BI



Document Management

Incoming Documents & OCR

Currency Exchange rates

New Application Test Toolset

NAV 2017

Task Scheduler

Office 365 Full Integration

Embedded Power BI

Cortana Intelligence

Setup & Configuration (Assisted by Wizards)

Power Apps & Microsoft Flow Support

Item workflow and item attributes and categories

Web Client User Experience

Better SQL performance

NAV 2018

C/SIDE & VS Code development models

Microsoft Flow Direct Integration

Office 365 and Contact interaction for Outlook

Extensions 2.0

API Library (ex “Company” etc.)

Employee Ledger Entries

Edit Ledger Entries in Excel

Change Global Dimensions

IC (Intercompany) – Automation of IC Outbox and IC Inbox

SO to PO

Direct Transfer orders

User Tasks

Jobs Improvements

Ability to use Camera and GPS in C/AL

Web Client more customizable (Design Mode)

Preview and Print from Web Client

GDPR native support (from CU3)

Windows 10 continuum support


Cognitive Services & AI

Business Central

The first release with a very strong CLOUD IMPACT!


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