Experience Dynamics 365 Portal

Experience Dynamics 365 Portal


The Dynamics Experience portal is changing continuously, now you can find everything you need for:

  • Propose new ideas \ functionality (in two modes, Ideas and Insider)
  • Test the trials versions
  • See the updated roadmaps
  • Access the all Dynamics Communities
  • Access to powerapps available for the products


As for the “Ideas” and “Insider” programs are very interesting (my opinion)

Ideas Program

What can you insert?

Anything: requests for missing functionality, new features (ex: F8 Key in Web Client!), improvements to existing features, bug reports, requests for support for new regulations and localizations etc. etc.. I entered some requests and I see that they are taken into consideration, in this way I believe the products (in my case Business Central) can be improved and powered.

Insider Program

What is it and what is it for?

It is necessary to request the registration (not public), once enrolled and accepted the registration, you can see some features covered by NDA (as already done for MCT and MVP), useful for example to test the functionality planned for medium-term.


Microsoft Ideas Program


Microsoft Insider Program



MICROSOFT IDEAS: “improved search filters”

Now you can see all the existing requests and see their status, you can also filter by status so as to also see the schedule of the accepted requests.

Example: Filter on “Business Central” product


  • Planned: Mid-Term, Planned: Long-Term
  • Rolling Out
  • Under Review
  • Accepted, Completed
  • Not Planned
  • Rejected

Example: Filter: “PLANNED-MID-TERM”