Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central W1

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central W1

Lately I saw several post / comment related to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central W1 on social media. How can I get the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central W1? …to develop a new localization for example.

There are at least three ways to get access to MSDYN365BC W1 release.

  1. On-Demand Request (asking directly to Microsoft…)
  2. On Dockers (accessing to public and insider docker repository)
  3. On Collaborate (example of W1 On-premise Preview for partners)


#1 – W1:”On Demand”

Announcement at Directions ASIA was that MSDYN365BC W1will be available on demand, with “on demand” meaning having a partner with localization published on AppSource and able to support customers in countries where Microsoft does not provide localization.

You can read about this in detail here:


#2 – W1: On Dockers (Public and Insider Hub)

from Freddy Blog

What Docker Image is right for you?



You can use the public docker hub to get bcsandbox; when the Dynamics 365 Business Central servers are updated, the image will also be deployed on the public docker hub under microsoft/bcsandbox.


  • build is the build number (default is latest version)
  • country is w1, dk, us, ca, de, … (default is w1)



You will be able to get insider builds of Business Central from a private registry called and the credentials for this private registry is available through Microsoft Collaborate.

The insider builds are normally updated daily and the Dynamics 365 Business Central servers are updated monthly to this version. The image name follows the same tagging strategy as the public Dynamics 365 Business Central images:


…and  now.. how do I access to W1 with demo data ?

it is possible to use “basetag that allows access to the W1 docker with also demo data; thank to Waldo to sharing the the makic Key (base) taken from a Freddy post that had escaped my sight.

Freddy: “if you use microsoft/bcsandbox:base, then you will get w1 demo database is the foundation of all languages and will contain the on-prem w1 db. master insider builds with :w1 will contain the saas demo data.”

  • “
  • “microsoft/bcsandbox:base


#3 – W1: On Collaborate (W1 On-Premise Partner Preview Program)

On collaborate you can find these programs:

  1. Current, daily and insider builds for MSDYN365BC
  2. BC On-premise Partner Preview

Let’s see how to access the W1 On-premise Partner Preview:

Business Central On-Premise Partner Preview 02


W1DVD.ZIP –> Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central W1 On-premise)

obviously there are also the previews for the individual locations besides the W1 release.

… and The Current Builds and Daily Builds! if you have access !


Dynamics 365 Business Central W1 On-premise (Partner Preview)

** NOTE: I don’t show other images of the W1 On-premise partner preview 2.0 version because I can’t do it (the preview is only for partners like the old NAV limited beta program!)


See you later guys !


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