Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central On-premise, What’s New Part II

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central On-premise, What’s New Part II

Now I’m introducing some new features regarding Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central On-premise October’ Release.

Several new pages have been added, some features of various types, some codeunit; I will talk in this Part II of What’s New only about some functional changes, not technicals.


New Pages Added

New Pages Type: Headline

These Headline pages are displayed in the Web Client, you can have also rotating text on the role center, with interesting information, you can configure and extend them.

Headline RC Business ManagerHeadline
Headline RC Order ProcessorHeadline
Headline RC AccountantHeadline
Headline RC Project ManagerHeadline
Headline RC Relationship Mgt.Headline
Headline RC AdministratorHeadline
Headline RC Team MemberHeadline
Headline RC Prod. PlannerHeadline
Headline RC Serv. DispatcherHeadline

EXAMPLE of Headline Pages

Headline RC Business Manager



Role Center Overview Page

A nice page to show topics for each Role Center


Intelligence Cloud Insight

“Prediction” with machine learning in Business Central, you can have prediction for many topics in many areas, in a new great RoleCenter-page you can show aggregated data and KPI with Insight information, you can activate Cortana Intelligence to integrate forecast calculation.



A list of some new pages added

Finance Pages

Finance Charge Interest RatesFinance Charge Interest Rates
Payment Method TranslationsPayment Method Translations
Sales Pr. & Line Disc. PartSales Pr. & Line Disc. Part
Create PaymentCreate Payment
Create Employee PaymentCreate Employee Payment

Customer Address Format

Custom Address FormatCustom Address Format
Custom Address Format LinesCustom Address Format Lines
Custom Address Format FactboxCustom Address Format

Extensions Management Pages

Upload And Deploy ExtensionUpload And Deploy Extension
Extension Deployment StatusExtension Deployment Status
Extn. Deployment Status DetailExtn. Deployment Status Detail
Marketplace Extn. DeploymentExtension Installation
Extension SettingsExtension Settings

Automation Pages

Automation – Config. PackageconfigurationPackage
Automation User Group MemberuserGroupMember
Automation User GroupsuserGroups
Automation Useruser
Automation Permission SetspermissionSets
Automation User PermissionuserPermission
Automation Extension UploadextensionUpload
Automation Extension Depl.ExtensionDeploymentStatus

Power BI Pages

Power BI ManagementPower BI Management
Upload Power BI ReportUpload Power BI Report
Power BI DeploymentsPower BI Deployments

Blanket Order Archiving Pages

Blanket Sales Order ArchiveBlanket Sales Order Archive
Blanket Sales Order Arch. Sub.Lines
Blanket Sales Order ArchivesBlanket Sales Order Archives
Blanket Purchase Order ArchiveBlanket Purchase Order Archive
Blanket Purch. Order Arch.Sub.Lines
Blanket Purch. Order ArchivesBlanket Purch. Order Archives
Purchase Line Archive ListPurchase Line Archive List

Permission Set

Changed Permission Set ListChanged Permission Set List
Permission Set ListPermission Set List
Effective PermissionsEffective Permissions
Effective Permissions By SetBy Permission Set



Codeunit 1 > removed

Triggers Codeunits > Added



Items blocked are not visible in Sales, Purchase Orders etc., good feature.

Example: In Sales Orders, blocked item is not showed in item list.


Catalog Item (ex. Non-stock items)

These pages have been renamed from Non-stock item to Catalog Items

Catalog Item CardCatalog Item Card
Catalog Item ListCatalog Items


Sales Quotes: Archive Document

The functionality of archiving documents has been put in different places

Send to email feature improved

Preview always embedded in document, nice layout, improved feature.


Item Sales Blocked

You can have multi options to block an item; in this case, you can block “Sales

Non-Inventory Items

Finally.. you can manage the NOT inventory items directly from Item Type option


Copy Account Schedule

Nice feature to copy Account Schedules.

More manual setups added


Finance Charge Interest Rates Changed

Stay tuned!

What’s New Part I

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