Overview of Dynamics 365 Business Central April ’19 release

April ’19 brings an update to Business Central that aims to enhance current customer satisfaction with the product.

– Powerful new features for business users
– Performance, reliability, and scalability enhancements
– Accessibility, Data and AI
– Base application as an app

“What’s new and planned for Dynamics 365 Business Central”

This topic lists features that are planned to release between April and September 2019. Previews for some features will start in February 2019.


#1 Productivity enhancements for business users

FeatureRelease typeOnline vs on-premisesDate
Application enhancementsGeneral AvailabilityBothApril 2019
List viewsGeneral AvailabilityBothApril 2019
Rich notes and linksGeneral AvailabilityOnlineApril 2019
Document focus modeGeneral AvailabilityBothApril 2019
Work date indicatorGeneral AvailabilityBothApril 2019
Context or system indicatorGeneral AvailabilityBothAfter April 2019
Quick EntryGeneral AvailabilityBothApril 2019
New keyboard shortcutsGeneral AvailabilityBothApril 2019
Autosave indicatorGeneral AvailabilityBothApril 2019
Improvements to scrolling in listsGeneral AvailabilityBothApril 2019
Improved contextual search experienceGeneral AvailabilityBothApril 2019
Improved all-product navigationGeneral AvailabilityBothAfter April 2019
Personalization enhancementsGeneral AvailabilityBothApril 2019

#2 Self-help and support

FeatureRelease typeOnline vs on-premisesDate
Simplified Help and Support experienceGeneral AvailabilityBothApril 2019
Page inspectionGeneral AvailabilityBothApril 2019

#3 Productivity enhancements for administrators

FeatureRelease typeOnline vs on-premisesDate
Hardening the integration between Business Central and Dynamics 365 for SalesGeneral AvailabilityBothApril 2019
Enhancements for application lifecycle managementGeneral AvailabilityBothApril 2019
Enhancements to the intelligent cloud for Dynamics SMB and Dynamics 365 Business CentralGeneral AvailabilityBothApril 2019

#4 Powerful features for developers

FeatureRelease typeOnline vs on-premisesDate
Designer enhancements for developersGeneral AvailabilityBothApril 2019
Visual Studio Code and ALGeneral AvailabilityBothApril 2019
Application as an appGeneral AvailabilityBothApril 2019
Standard Web APIGeneral AvailabilityBothApril 2019

Source https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/business-applications-release-notes/April19/dynamics365-business-central/

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