AL Language Tools

Great tools (for Translation and Testing) for a better Dynamics 365 Business Central development experience by ClipDynamics (the “Nicolas” sisters!)


  • Automatically create XLIFF files for languages other than es-US
  • Snippets for translations, captions, labels and other UI texts


  • Snippets for testing
  • Tools to generate testing codeunits and procedures (Under Development) 
    Working on features to automatically create test procedures


  • Snippets to create a report. It includes the AL file, the RDL file and a buffer table
  • The report snippet generates a fully runnable report
  • It is very easy to reuse a layout from one report to another because it always uses the same names to create the dataset

Q&A on GitHub

APP Download Link

One thought on “AL Language Tools

  • 28 January 2019 at 2:45 PM

    Awesome! I was hoping to see some uptick in VSC tools for the market this year. This looks like a useful one.

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