Item Attributes in Business Central

Item Attributes in Business Central

I’ve never talked about this feature of Business Central (and NAV 2017) that I find interesting and that can be useful. It can be used to store and manage some information related to articles in a simple way; it is not a product configurator but can be useful and can be enhanced with some small customizations.

Some Benefits

  • You can add additional details to items (ex: E-commerce attributes)
  • You can define many types of attributes fields
  • You can manage also multi language for attributes
  • You can block an old attribute and values (like in Dimensions)
  • In addition, you can use attributes in Sales Orders… or where you need, with a little and simple customizations.

Item Attributes – Tables

#1 – Let’s now look at some functional examples:

  • Open Item Attributes

  • Define a new attribute (ex: SIZE Attribute, Type=OPTION)

Note: If you select Option in the Type field, then you can choose the Item Attribute Values action to create values for the item attribute.


  • We can assign Item Attributes Values

Ex: Dimensions (Values) for “Size” Item Attribute

  • We can also define a “translation” for each value

At “the end”…. we can find the “New Item Attribute” SIZE ready to use in Attribute List Page.

Item Attributes, where I can find them on Item Card?

In Items List Page and in Item Card Page you can open “Attributes” to select attributes and assign values for them.

Ex: Attributes from Item Card


  • Blocked Attributes and blocked Attribute Values are hidden in the dropdown list.

Filtering by Attributes

You can filter objects by Attributes Ex: Filtering on Item List Page

#2 – Attributes for Item Categories

We can also define attributes for the “Item Categories” will be applied to the item while creating new Items.

Note: By Default, Item attributes for parent categories will be inherited to child categories, you can change\override them as you want.

#3 – Item Attributes utilization example: Item Attributes on Sales Order (from Advanced View)

Selecting items in a Sales Order Line, you can apply the Item Attributes filter using “Advanced View”

Item Attributes (on Microsoft Docs)

One thought on “Item Attributes in Business Central

  • 20 May 2019 at 3:02 PM

    Hello, this is a nice feature, but is it possible to report on item Attributes in Power BI? Are the item attributes populated in the datasets available from Business Central in Power BI?


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