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  1. Hi Roberto, followed the specified steps, but I can’t seem to make it work for me on Dynamics 365 Business Central. Am I missing something?

    I got a “No HTTP resource was found that matches the request URI” on the After Bound Actions introduction…

    And a “No HTTP resource was found that matches the request URI” on Declaring the OData bound action

    1. Hello Allone,

      Did you find any solution for this issue?

      I am getting the sales invoice data If I use below URL


      but receiving “No HTTP resource was found” error when adding “NAV.Copy” action segment like below


      I am sure that I have implemented the same code shared in the source link provided in this post.

      let me know If I miss any thing here

      1. Did anybody already solve this issue?
        I have exactly the same problem here.

  2. Hello Roberto,

    Any change in the action segment call.

    I have referred BC development document it says action segment should be “Microsoft.NAV.Copy”

    I tried that also but getting the same error

    please help.

  3. Hey,

    Take a look at page 5475 “Sales Invoice Entity” for details on how to use Bound Actions.

    Also you can achieve the same thing without the ActionContext fuss. Take a look at this guide: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics-nav/walkthrough-creating-and-interacting-odata-v4-bound-action

    VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure when you are sending the request, the request body json keys start with a small letter. To make it easy to remember ensure that your parameter names in the NAV function begin with a small letter. For example: employeeNo instead of EmployeeNo. If you send a request json body with the key beginning a capital letter you will get an error saying: BadRequest: Exception of type ‘Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Service.OData.NavODataBadRequestException’ was thrown. CorrelationId: 6ca2a4e1-8e37-4c6b-b542-6813bcf61d74.

    So don’t use: { LineNo: 30 }, use { lineNo: 30 } as your request body.

  4. Does NTLM realy works with bound / unbound actions?
    User / Password works without any problem.

    NTLM with Bound actions gives me:
    Status 500Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    Unbound: 500Index was out of range

    Did u tested it?
    Do you have any ideas?

    Best Regards,

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