Business Central April’19 Release, best topics

Business Central April’19 Release, best topics

April ’19 brings an update to Business Central that aims to enhance current customer satisfaction with the product.

BEST TOPICS for April release (and from minor updates after April)

– Powerful new features for business, partner, developers, sales, customers and end-users

– Security, Stability, Performance, reliability, and scalability enhancements

– Improved data entry, data filtering, data scrolling, searching

– Improved personalization (In Client Designer)

– Accessibility, Data and AI 

– Technical enhancements (Last error, Force Sync, Context sensitive Help, better APIs 3.0)

– Improved Business Central Admin (Upgrades, multiple sandboxes, better monitoring

– Improved intelligent cloud

– Improved Runtime Packages (source and binary)

– Improved development, RAD (Rapid Application Development)

– Improved Debugger (debugger can show SQL statements)

– New shortcuts

Two great features from Microsoft Idea “Save Views” and “Page Inspection”


“What’s New” in Aprile’19 Release

Best Links

Nice Youtube video by Microsoft here:


Some Pictures about highlights for April’19 Release (by Microsoft, available on Docs and Youtube)

Highlights for April’19 Release

  • Enhancements for End Users, Partners, Sales and Customers, Developers.. for ALL BC people!

List Views (will be available in a minor release after April’19)

  • Great feature directly from Microsoft Ideas, now you can save what you want…

Quick Entry

  • Nice feature to “boost” data insert

Improved Scrolling and Load Time

  • Great… scrolling now works better.. and faster

Improved Contextual Search

  • Are you lost in Business Central streets? Now you can find everything…

Personalization Enhancements

  • Improved personalizations, more user friendly and fast

Page Inspection (About this page)

  • Yes! We have now the very useful feature

Enhancements for Application Lifecycle

  • Many enhancements: Monitoring, Upgrades, Previews, Lifecycle, Enhanced extension management… and.. yes … MULTILPLE SANDBOXES!

Enhancements for Developers

  • List Views… also by Code! Quick Entry
  • A lot of improvements in Visual Studio Code, Force Sync, Outline view, multiple objects ID ranges, Actions and code actions

Standard Web API

  • APIs 3.0

Business Central and Dynamics 365 for Sales (full integration)

  • Great integration with Dynamics 365 For Sales

Intelligent Cloud Insights for Dynamics on-premises customers

  • Intelligent Cloud improved


.. and Take Away from Directions Asia 2019

The last release with C/AL and Windows Client



About Business Central on-premises next release (Fall 2019)

Only Modern Clients will be available (Web, Tablet & Phone clients, no more Windows Client)

No more C/AL Objects, only AL Files for Objects

Only AL files with a Base APP Extension Installed (ALL AL Objects can be modified)



1 Apri Update



Microsoft PDF Doc



2 thoughts on “Business Central April’19 Release, best topics

  • 12 April 2019 at 6:16 PM

    Whats the diference from the spring release Build to the current Cumulative update 6? Are they 2 different version?

  • 6 July 2020 at 7:39 AM

    Thanks for sharing details information on Business Central April’19 Release. It really help me to know about business central for my business.


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