New Business Central Books

New Business Central Books

Announcements: new books are coming!

is a fertile time for books on Business Central … there are 3 new titles available\scheduled…

  • two are already available
  • one is already on Pre-Order

I point out all three of them:

#1 – The first: “Programming Microsoft Dynamics Business Central – Sixth Edition”

I recommend it given the skill of the authors and the complete rewriting of the famous “Programming NAV book” from a complete Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft AL perspective. I am also a reviewer of this book; thanks to Packt for this opportunity.

by Mark Brummel, David and Chris Studebaker


  • Get to grip with programming using the AL language in the Visual Studio Code development environment
  • Explore functional design and development using AL
  • Build interactive pages and learn how to extract data for users
  • Work with best practices to design and develop modifications for new functionality integrated with the standard Business Central software
  • Get familiar with deploying the broad range of components available in a Create a robust, viable system to address specific business requirements

#2 – The second one: “Automated testing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central”

Very interesting, treats topics not yet covered in other works; “automated testing” in Business Central, innovative …. to have!

by Luc van Vugt


Mastering in “Automated testing in Dynamics 365 Central Business”

  • Understand what automated tests are, and when and why to use them
  • Explore the five pillars of the Testability Framework of Business Central
  • Design and write automated tests for Business Central
  • Make use of standard automated tests and their helper libraries
  • Integrate automated tests into your development practice

#3 – The third: “Mastering Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central”

by Stefano Demiliani and Duilio Tacconi

A must … the authors (always precise and attentive to details) compete in a new relative work: “how to move existing solutions to the new extension-based architecture”, and how to master Source code control management… and other great tips!


  • How to create a Sandbox environment with Dynamics 365 Business Central for development
  • How to handle source control management when developing solutions for Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • How to handle extension’s testing, debugging and deployment
  • Create real-world business processes by using Dynamics 365 – Central Business and different Azure services.
  • Integrate Dynamics 365 Business Central with external applications
  • Moving existing solutions to the new extension-based architecture

ALL “Available” and “Coming Soon” Business Central books – “Business Central Query”


I suggested to Packt the creation of a Bundle on Business Central (given the numerous volumes available and soon to be released) … let’s see what they say.


Stay tuned!

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