6 thoughts on “Physical Inventory Orders in Business Central

  1. Hi, I noticed a difference in results generated between Phys. Inventory Journal and Phys.Inventory Order i.e.
    Phys. Inventory Journal – shows Qty.Calcualted -> as a “current” quantity on the stock
    Phys.Inventory Order – shows Qty.Expected (base) ->as a quantity affected by Posting Date (on document header).

    In some situation both results might be different. Have you noticed something similar?

    NAV DE 2017

    1. Yes, you are right. Many issues also with Lots\Serials. Will be fixed i hope.

  2. Found this blog post while googling Roberto and I have a question. Why do Physical Inventory Orders not allow you to use them in Directed Pick & Put-away locations?

    There is a Testfield that checks for this in Physical Inventory Order Line table and the posting routine.

    I cannot figure out why it is significant, you can’t customise it away, just prevents this being used by lots of the customers who would like to use it.

    1. hi, no, you can’t use it.
      it is a useful feature with a simple warehouse, it is a good idea (also present in other ERPs) but not complete second, I already reported it to Microsoft some time ago!!

  3. Very good post, however I am unable to see any quantity of my inventory, all zero.

    Wht could be wrong?



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