Month: June 2019

Typologies of Items in Business Central

Typologies of Items in Business Central Inventory Items, Non-Inventory Items, Service Items, Charge Items In addition to the standard inventory-items, there are two other types of items: non-Inventory and in service items. These types of items can create item ledger entries but only on an empty location (not declared location, BLANK location) in sense of […]

Magazzino Fiscale a LIFO

Magazzino Fiscale a LIFO LIFO: Definizione del Metodo Il metodo LIFO (Last-In-First-Out) è uno dei diversi possibili impieghi della gestione delle scorte di magazzino. In relazione al tipo di metodo utilizzato per la valorizzazione delle scorte, e ve ne sono molti (LIFO, FIFO, NIFO, medio ponderato progressivo, ecc.), si perviene a risultati di reddito e di valore delle […]

MSDYN365 Release Wave 2 Plan

MSDYN365 Release Wave 2 Plan The 2019 release wave 2 for Dynamics 365 brings innovations that provide you with significant capabilities to transform your business. Source PDF Download link file:///C:/Users/rstefanetti/Downloads/dynamics365-2019-release-wave-2-plan.pdf Dynamics 365 Business Central What’s New and Planned This topic lists features that are planned to release from October 2019 through March 2020. Application […]

Business Central Debug on different Sandboxes

Business Central Debug on different Sandboxes Good morning, Someone asked me for info on how to debug in the sandbox in a SaaS environment, where there are more than one sandbox. The thing is simple, but sometimes it happens that an error is returned when there are more Sandboxes; in this case, it is necessary […]

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