MSDYN365 Release Wave 2 Plan

MSDYN365 Release Wave 2 Plan

The 2019 release wave 2 for Dynamics 365 brings innovations that provide you with significant capabilities to transform your business.


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Dynamics 365 Business Central

What’s New and Planned

This topic lists features that are planned to release from October 2019 through March 2020.

Application enhancements

We will continue to enhance the application through our focus on performance in the most used areas. The Business Central Ideas site continues to be a source for application enhancements.

Cancel issued reminders and finance charge memos
Carry line descriptions to general ledger entries when posting
Write larger item cross-reference numbers

Application lifecycle management

Once partners have customers live on Business Central, there is an immediate need to be able to manage the lifecycle of the customer, the solution, provide support, manage updates, testing, and so on. We will continue our investment in expanding the scope of the tools available to partners.

Ability to download a database backup file
Improvements in update testing and preparation
Multiple production environments
New option to report production outage in the Business Central Administration Center
Support for performant data upgrade from C/AL tables to AL tables

Migrations to Business Central online

This area details our migrations to Business Central online roadmap.

Enhancements for customer migration tools

Modern clients

We accelerate our investment in speed and productivity features for the modern browser experience, achieving a major milestone in its transformation into a world-class desktop experience for new and expert users alike.

Add links to your navigation menu
Customize a user profile without writing code
Enhancements to Excel integration
Filtering option fields by multiple values
Full keyboard shortcut support
Multi-tasking across multiple pages
Personalize actions and navigation on your Home page
Powerful filtering for reports
Resize columns with less clicks
Saving and personalizing list views
Speed and agility of data entry
Switch between companies in your Business Inbox in Outlook
Add notes and links to data
Easy access to a capability overview
Modern clients only for Business Central

Modern developer tools

For the 2019 release wave 2, Business Central retires the legacy development tool, C/SIDE, and development language, C/AL, replacing them with a modern solution based on Visual Studio Code, Azure DevOps, and an AL language that supports an extension-based approach to customization.

Access modifiers
Attach and debug next
Base application delivered as AL applications
Code documentation attributes
Database insights made available in AL
Improved app dependency handling on build and deploy
More power to developers using Designer
Translating other extensions

Empower ISV acceleration

We will focus on empowering ISV acceleration in developing new solutions, moving IP from the source code customization model to Business Central. The ecosystem is extremely broad, but a small concentrated set of ISVs drive the majority of the sales and usage. We will focus on enabling those core ISVs.

Design for extensibility

Service fundamentals

Laser focus on performance, reliability, supportability and security is essential to ensure that service quality remains ahead of the growth in service usage. Accessibility, already in a strong position, must be preserved.

Lock-free number series
New Support Request option in the Business Central Administration Center
Page Background Tasks
Partners can enter support contact details in the Business Central Administration Center
Surrogate keys

Description of Enabled for column values:

  • End users, automatically – These features include change(s) to the user experience for end users and are enabled automatically.
  • Admins, makers, or analysts, automatically – These features are meant to be used by administrators, makers, or business analysts and are enabled automatically.
  • End users by admins, makers, or analysts – These features must be enabled or configured by the administrators, makers, or business analysts to be available for their end users.


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