Testing Saved Views and Notes in MSDYN365BC 2019 Release Wave 2 Preview

Testing Saved Views and Notes in MSDYN365BC 2019 Release Wave 2 Preview – Published 09/18/2019

“Saved Views” and “Notes”, these new Business Central features (long time available in Windows Client and now in Business Central Release Wave 2 Preview) are always requested and needed from my Customers. Knowing that these two features will soon be available is great for demos and allows you to eliminate the windows clients forever.

Why am I talking about these features?

Many have asked me if these features have been released or not or when they will be and that there are differences with the existing ones for the windows client.

The NDA has been lifted:



#1 – Saved Views

Through the Saved Views (created in a similar way to those existing in the Windows Client), it will be possible to save the filters set on the lists by saving new views, then I will be able to recall the already ready views, it is a very useful feature appreciated by customers.

Which filters can be set in Saved Views?

Filters are applicable on:

  • Standard fields, total flowfields and dimensions
  • Data can be filtered dynamically using formula fields and special filter characters

Users can recall saved views, duplicate them, rename them (new feature) and delete them. Great!


Saved Views “In Action”

“SAVE AS” to create a new View

Saved Views (after saving) will be available on Table Views List

Available Commands for Saved Views (@today)


Example of utilization: Saved View for Item Attributes (example for Shop Catalog Navigation)

Apply Filters on Item Attributes Fields and Values

Create a new Saved View: Item Attribute [Item Attributes COLOR=RED]

Open Saved View > Only RED Items will be displayed

Great Feature!

#2 – Notes

“Notes” are another important feature, very useful. With Notes you can add internal notes to business data that is captured and processed in Business Central. Notes are shown next to the card data, and you can add, edit, and delete notes.


Notes “In Action”

Add a “New Note”

Display and Manage “all” created Notes

…in addition to Notes, you can also manage “Attachments” to add files as with Notes, the operation is similar to the notes.

Example “on Job Card” you can add All Project Files (Project Folder)

Great features and great future for Business Central!

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