4 thoughts on “Business Central On-premise 2019 Release Wave 2

  1. Hi Roberto, I tell you that I am new to Busoness Central, according to Microsoft documentation it says that there will be migration tools from other systems such as Dynamics SL and GP, but I can’t find these migration tools. Do you know if these migration tools have already been released? I am currently in Dynamics SL and I want to do a testing environment. Thanks in advance

  2. Hi all,

    I’m having file XLF that translated to France (“fr-FR”) and it’s base on “Base Application.en-US.xlf” file in “\Base Application.Source\Translations” folder. How to deploy it to “On Primse” or “Sandbox Environment”? In case I deploy it to Sandbox On Cloud Environment then how to add new a language (ex: fr-FR) in My Setting function?

    Support me, please!

  3. Hi Roberto,

    How can we enable the Premium experience for a D365 BC On Premise Cronus database?

    Thanks in advance and best regards,


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