17 thoughts on “Business Central SaaS Exporting Database Backup and Restore it on your Sql Server

  1. Hi,

    Is there a way to schedule this backup?

    Jiya Sukhija

  2. Hi,
    is not possible to date, you can launch backup only manually (on-demand and max 10 backups for month).

  3. Hi Roberto,

    is there any possibility for the customer to export a db backup as a *.bacpac-file? Are only we (as Microsoft partners) capable to do this through Partner Admin Center?

    Thanks for your reply in advance!

    1. If the customer with the appropriate O365 permission (admin) adds /admin to the end of the Business Central URL then they will be able to access the admin portal and perform the same actions.


      Andrew Edwards

  4. Ciao Roberto,

    I have a .bacpac which is the export of a BD in Business Central SAAS. I import correctly into an SQL Server on my computer using the option ‘Import data-tier application’ , but when I try to start the instance of my Businees Central On-Premise, it tells me that the System table $ndo$dbproperty is missing and that is correct, it does not exist. What’s left to do?

  5. Ciao,
    Dato che l’argomento sembra interessante indago un attimo su sta cosa… al massimo chiedo al NAV Team risposta ufficiale.

    Ti faccio sapere a breve.

  6. Hello, I have also this System table $ndo$dbproperty missing – Is there any solution ?

  7. I’ve the same issue. System table $ndo$dbproperty missing.
    Is there any solution ?

  8. Is ther any solution for this error Table système $ ndo $ dbproperty manquante” ?

  9. Hi, I still had the same problem, what I did was export the table $ ndo $ dbproperty from another DB of BC onpremise and the DB of BC SAAS, but later I throw errors of that type with other tables, I am still able to solve the problem trouble. Has someone already solved it?

  10. Are there any legal problems with downloading a BC SaaS copy into a local environment for better development? GDPR? ISO?

  11. did the ystem table $ndo$dbproperty missing ever find a solution? I have followed the steps, but I cannot seem to start the BC Service

  12. Currently running version 20 of BC. Made the database export. When doing the import I get “Execption of type ‘system.OutofMemoryException’ was thrown.”

    Does anyone else get the same?

    I am currently going down the route of restoring it via “SQLPackage.exe”.

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