4 thoughts on “Business Central: Camera from Browser and Mobile APP

    1. hi, with the “Camera” feature in BC SaaS you can “shot” a photo or import a picture from file using device’s camera. Nothing else.

      About Items
      I have not tried but on the Item Card there are TAKE and IMPORT options (so I think it is possible to acquire picture).

      for Om-premise
      You need programming to implement it in On-premise (nont in SaaS)

    2. On item DataType is mediaset, it will throw warning that DataType must be Media. You can add another field of data type Media and write the same code to store value.

  1. Hi Stefano sir,

    This query is regarding on-premises, I used that functionality and created a certificate binded in IIS and in chrome also gave camera permission but still it this does not detect camera.

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